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WHY ONE YEAR ACTION PLAN? 30 year fixed interest mortgages does not mean that what you pay every year is fixed. There are a number of variables that change annually (like taxes, escrow, PMI etc.) and these can impact your strategy. That's why conventional amortization schedules are overly simplified, not use-friendly, don't apply algorithmic saving strategies that are easy to follow, and not actionable. Having a plan and being consistent / committed is key to achieving your goal. Our technology/tools are there to complement your strategy.

WHAT KIND OF ALERTS ARE INCLUDED? The alerts are there to complement your strategy. Your payoff cycle and alerts should be aligned to ensure you stay on-track. Our members will also benefit from interest reduction alerts to gain extra savings!

IS THIS FOR NEW OR EXISTING MORTGAGES? Both! Starting early is key to achieving compound interest savings. We are committed to helping customer become homeowners sooner. If your mortgage is less than $200k or you have less than 5 years on your mortgage our service is free! Contact us for more info.

ARE YOU PROVIDING FINANCIAL ADVISE? No, we are not financial advisors and not affiliated with any banks / financial institutions. Remember that banks don't necessarily have vested interest in helping customers payoff their loans early. The interest you pay is the bank's revenue and over the life of the loan it's a significant amount. It is your responsibility to consult with your financial advisor / accountant and conduct your own due diligence and determine the best solution for your situation. Our mission is simple, which is to provide super affordable technology solutions (less than your Netflix subscription) to help people own their homes sooner and save on interest that would otherwise go to the lender.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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